Optimum moisture content in air should be at least 40%. Reducing this setting significantly reduces the immune system, affects the well-being, contributes to chronic fatigue and can cause various diseases. Avoid these negative effects will help domestic humidifiers.
Humidifier is simple to operate. To get started, you need only fill in the humidifier water, and turn it into an outlet. Everything else is a clever device does the rest. Modern humidifier for the room is able to automatically adjust the desired humidity level. Besides the basic functions of household humidifier provides clean air, eliminating odors and killing germs. Also, the humidifier (cleaner) air ionizer can be completed.
Humidifier with ionizer actively fills the space around oxygen. There are also models of humidifier with ionizer, which produce silver ions. This moisturizer (cleaner air) has increased antibacterial properties. His constant use - the perfect tool for the prevention of influenza, acute respiratory infections and other infectious diseases. This is confirmed by the numerous testimonials from those who regularly use a humidifier in everyday life.
A humidifier can also be used for aromatherapy or inhalation. To perform these procedures should only be placed in a humidifier appropriate herbal infusion or flavoring. In general, the range of possibilities, which has a humidifier is quite wide.

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